Trying out TopstepX – (3) 50k Accounts

After seeing a new style of prop futures trading and realizing the opportunity it allows, I’m giving both Apex and Topstep a try.

The theory I used when trading prop firms before, in the CFD era, was that you wanted to get funded on the largest account possible, quickly make gains, and then take a full payout. The idea of having the account long term was relatively unheard of.

Recently, I saw the changes in how the account rules were handled from before. There is no longer a two step process for getting funded. There aren’t daily loss limits that will smoke your account. There is simply a trailing stop.

On Apex, this trailing stop includes unrealized profits. On Topstep, this trailing stop is reset every day after close.

If you look at the different available account sizes, you’ll quickly see that the difference in trailing stop to profit goal to be funded is going to incentivize having multiple smaller accounts over one large account.

There are popular traders taking advantage of this, stacking up to 20 small accounts and copy trading them (Trades by Matt).

I’m taking a similar approach, with (2) Apex 25k accounts and (4) TopstepX 50k accounts.


TopstepX is a new trading platform from the team at Topstep. It was super easy to configure and get used to trading on. It uses TradingView for its charting, which is great for my workflow. It also has many built in features that have really made my prop trading journey more profitable.

Daily Limits

I’m currently giving myself a $300 daily loss limit and $800 daily profit limit. This feature flattens all trades when you hit either of those numbers and locks you out of your trades until the next day. This keeps me from trying to trade out of a hole on a red day, or getting greedy and over trading a green day.

Trade Copier

TopstepX has a built in trade copier that allows me to trade on one account and have the same trades entered on the other two. This is helpful when trying to get funded on a group of smaller accounts.

Tilt Indicator

This indicator is pretty cool, and totally unique to Topstep. It shows you what percentage of traders across their platform are long/short, where their average entry is, and if they’re profitable. I’ve noticed that I’m often trading counter trend and that my best personal entries are happening when ~70% of the other traders are looking in the opposite direction. This will happen when we’re rangebound, but could catch me if we are trending hard for the day.

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