Funding Update – (9) Apex 25k Accounts

I’m 19 trading days into my first (6) 25k accounts, they’re all sitting around $5,400 profit. I added three more PA accounts two days ago and they’re already passed the trailing drawdown, up ~$1,800.

I had one major down day, where I raised my daily loss limit in Rithmic from $400 per account to $800. After slippage and fees, I think I lost ~$840 or so per account that day.

It was a huge wakeup call, I’ve since had the hard stop at $400 for the day and haven’t hit it since.

I’ve submitted my first payout request and it’s currently pending. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t break any of the rules in the first few days of being funded, but am quite certain that I haven’t since then.

It’s looking like I’ll be able to max out my next few payouts at $1,500 per account, twice per month.

The main goals for now are to stay consistent, keep booking green days, and not let the eventual red day blow up any accounts.

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