Certified Funded Trader on Topstep

I blew up my original Topstep combine accounts a few weeks back. I found myself not taking them as seriously as my Apex accounts. I would just jump into positions and trade them with little care.

I won a reset while watching TopstepTV a few days back and decided to seriously trade one of my 50k accounts.

It took two, well.. technically three, days to pass. This was due to me setting a daily profit limit that would lock me out if I hit 49.99% of the $3000 goal to pass the combine. I did this to make sure that I stayed within Topstep’s consistency rule. That profit lock caused me to go into day three needing to make ~$15 (after doing ~$1490 on each of the previous days).

topstep trade report

How I’m Going To Trade This

I’m likely going to trade this as a single account to get used to their platform again and see the payout process. Once my other 4 accounts reset in a few weeks, I’ll either copy trade all from this.. or pass them with slightly more aggressive trading and then use the built-in copy trader once they’re all funded.

With my $25k Apex accounts, I typically trade 3 micro nq contracts. I’ve been trading 5 micros on this account.

I’ll probably keep with that setup. I’ll set my daily loss limit somewhere around $500.

My profit goals will likely be somewhere around the $500-800 range per trading day.

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