apex trader funding evaluation passed certificate

Apex Trader Funding $25k Evaluations

I decided to go back to Rithmic and Ninja Trader after trading on Tradovate for a few weeks. I grabbed three of the $25k evaluations from Apex Trader Funding when they were 90% off. I passed those in three days, grabbed three more, and passed those in one day!

apex trader funding evaluation passed certificate

Ninja Trader 8

I’m really loving Ninja Trader. My main setup is 15 minute footprint candles on one screen, 1987t on the other, with CVD in the bottom panel. I’ve also been using Bookmap to view the orderbook, but finding it only somewhat actionable.

Copy Trading

I’m trading the 6 current accounts at the same time via copy trading a sim account. I’m using this tool (the x3 version) https://ntfreedup.com/viewtopic.php?t=69

ninja trader free copy trader rithmic apex

I’m starting three more evaluations next week and will then add them to the same group once they’re funded.

This has allowed me to keep from scaling my perceived position size and risk per trade. My current risk is levels are to not lose more than $150 per trade. By keeping this a small and manageable number, while scaling up actual size, I’ve been able to keep from many of the phycological issues I’ve faced while scaling in the past.

My profit goals are simple, I aim for $250/account per day.. and clock out if I’m at $500/account.

Auto Liquidation

I’ve used the Rithmic Trader Pro app to set auto-liquidations on my account if I’m ever down more than $500/day. This is probably too much risk, but it allowed me to quickly get out of the trailing drawdown area and am now starting to build a buffer on the accounts.

Payout Strategy

I’m going to be somewhat conservative on these accounts until the next payout window. I’d like to leave a buffer in the account and keep out of the $1500 risk window they allow on these $25k accounts.

My goal going forward will be to do the max $1500 payouts on each account every two weeks.

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